IT Business Consulting

  • Startup Support, Brainstorming, Evaluation, Analysis, Requirements Engineering
  • Conceptual Design, Modelling, Prototyping, Mock-Ups, Wireframing
  • Project Management, Support, Communication, Documentation, Change Management

Custom App Development

  • Engineering, Modelling, Programming
  • Mobile & Desktop clients
  • SQL and noSQL database backends
  • On-site or remote

CMS Setup & Customization

  • comanager, Joomla, Wordpress
  • Plugin development
  • Customization & Integration
  • On-site or remote

 PIM & Media Management

  • Advertising Media Mgmt. with MAX
  • Media library (native file) solutions
  • Interfacing shops like Magento
  • On-site or remote

Realtime Apps

  • Realtime UIs with Web Sockets
  • RT monitoring and collaboration
  • NoSQL and SQL database backends
  • On-site or remote
  • Hire me!

    en Whether you're in early stage of evaluating strategies and technologies for a new web platform — or already in the middle of an ongoing project conversion with a growing demand for developer resources:

    Hire me - for consulting, engineering or programming!

    Phone: +49 40 533 07 292

    (standard local phone number - normal rates)

Seven reasons for choosing particularly me:

1.20+ years of experience in planning & implementing various web projects2.substantial software engineering skills alongside a good understanding of architecture designs and concepts3.extensive coding skills in PHP, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS... with an eye on cutting edge web techniques4.varied and unique expertise in business and markets of media and communication industries5.solo and team worker - assumes different minded and friendly guy7.appreciated as mediator between IT, management, sales and end user concerns