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    enHere you'll find information about me and my activities as a web developer. I'm blogging mostly about web technologies (JavaScript, node, PHP, HTML5...) and related stuff of my daily business. You'll find a mix of english and german posts here.

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    deHier findet Ihr Informationen über mich und meine Aktivitäten als Web-Entwickler. Ich blogge über Web-Technologien (JavaScript, node, PHP, HTML5...) und andere Dinge, die mit meiner Arbeit zu tun haben - mal auf Deutsch, mal auf Englisch.

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  Thursday, April 14 2016 2:13 PM

Problems with window.open under iOS using Ionic/Angular and Cordova

Author: matthias  en cordova  ios  angular  ionic  javascript  bug  gap  csp

This is just a short note about how I solved a weird problem I recently experienced when window.open wouldn't work using Ionic/Angular with Cordova under iOS.

  Tuesday, October 13 2015 9:07 PM

Do we need (a discussion about) jQuery?

Author: matthias  en jquery  javascript  react  comment  opinion

Discussions about the role of jQuery bubble up these days. Paradigms change, not at least triggered by concepts (re-)introduced with React, Flux and redux. Should we try to avoid jQuery and direct DOM manipulation if possible? I'm not sure, but I want to share some thoughts I had reading a thread titled "Stop say You Don't Need jQuery" in the JS group of linked.in.

  Tuesday, June 16 2015 10:59 PM

Talk: Token based authentication with JWT

Author: matthias  en jwt  jws  json  token based authentication  javascript  hhjs  talk

Token based authentication with JWT I just want to share some slides I created for my talk "Token based authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)" I gave yesterday, on June 15th, at Hamburgs JavaScript HH.JS meetup.

  Thursday, April 23 2015 11:17 AM

Next: JS Unconf April 25 & 26 in Hamburg

Author: matthias  en jsunconf  unconference  hamburg  hhjs

JSUnconf Hurray, I will attend at the JS Unconf this coming weekend in Hamburg. Anyone coming over here from outside to meet and have some good conversation?

  Wednesday, April 8 2015 9:17 PM

React hates me: "Overcontrolled" components

Author: matthias  en javascript  react  flux  state  checkbox  dom  html  events  prevendefault

More accurately: The DOM hates me. I'm currently hacking a lot of React (with fun) and thought that strictly bypassing the default handlers for user input element onChange events in favor for a fully controlled value flow through React components' state and props might be a good idea. Actually, it is not.

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