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    enHere you'll find information about me and my activities as a web developer. I'm blogging mostly about web technologies (JavaScript, node, PHP, HTML5...) and related stuff of my daily business. You'll find a mix of english and german posts here.

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    deHier findet Ihr Informationen über mich und meine Aktivitäten als Web-Entwickler. Ich blogge über Web-Technologien (JavaScript, node, PHP, HTML5...) und andere Dinge, die mit meiner Arbeit zu tun haben - mal auf Deutsch, mal auf Englisch.

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  Tuesday, June 16 2015 10:59 PM

Talk: Token based authentication with JWT

Author: matthias  en jwt  jws  json  token based authentication  javascript  hhjs  talk

Token based authentication with JWT I just want to share some slides I created for my talk "Token based authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)" I gave yesterday, on June 15th, at Hamburgs JavaScript HH.JS meetup.

  Thursday, April 23 2015 11:17 AM

Next: JS Unconf April 25 & 26 in Hamburg

Author: matthias  en jsunconf  unconference  hamburg  hhjs

JSUnconf Hurray, I will attend at the JS Unconf this coming weekend in Hamburg. Anyone coming over here from outside to meet and have some good conversation?

  Wednesday, April 8 2015 9:17 PM

React hates me: "Overcontrolled" components

Author: matthias  en javascript  react  flux  state  checkbox  dom  html  events  prevendefault

More accurately: The DOM hates me. I'm currently hacking a lot of React (with fun) and thought that strictly bypassing the default handlers for user input element onChange events in favor for a fully controlled value flow through React components' state and props might be a good idea. Actually, it is not.

  Saturday, March 29 2014 9:41 PM

How to manually fix a Plesk glitch where locally generated E-Mails get lost

Author: matthias  en plesk  postfix  e-mail  bug  domain  mail service  mta  postman

Are you using Parallels Plesk with postfix, configured a domain for which E-Mail is handled on a foreign MX host and wonder why E-Mails created on the Plesk system (e.g. through PHP form mailer scripts) vanish and won't be transported to their destination? Yes? Then read on.

  Thursday, December 5 2013 1:21 PM

Open Weather App - "Xaver" Special

Author: matthias  en angularjs  javacsript  weather  t3n  openweather app  xaver  storm

My little AngularJS experiment "OpenWeather App" got an update today. Just because of winter storm "Xaver" (arriving in Hamburg right now).

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