Tuesday, June 16, 2015 10:59 PM

Talk: Token based authentication with JWT

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I just want to share some slides I created for my talk "Token based authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)" I gave yesterday, on June 15th, at Hamburgs JavaScript HH.JS meetup.

Token based authentication with JWT

What's that about? I'll try to summarize: JWT, pronounced jot, evolves to get the standardized specification and format for compact "web-safe" tokens that combine the benefits of tokens (over cookies) with the concept of "claim based" authentication information which reside self-contained as JSON representation within a signed (digest hash) and optionally encrypted token.

Feel free to correct or improve (feedback welcome!), copy, modify or share this presentation. If you're willing to use this presentation or parts of it for your own talk, you're welcome - just please let me know: I'd happy to hear about that and also appreciate if you leave a short reference to the original presentation and myself as the author.

Click here to directly get to the presentation on "Prezi"

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